Repair for a Garbage Disposal

Clogged or broken disposals can become a big problem. Food that could get swept down the drain with a disposal’s help will plug the sink, making bad odors and unhealthy conditions. A impaired garbage disposal can even become a legitimate safety threat. To regain the use of this essential appliance, or to set up installation of a brand-new garbage disposal in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA, phone Perfect Plumbing Today at (707) 766-0807. Garbage disposal service from our trustworthy, respected team will make everything simpler.

Items You Should Never Place Down A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals typically don’t take much in the way of maintenance. You will preserve the device at top condition if you avoid placing the following down the disposal.

Fibrous Foods: Strain on the motor takes place as these items tangle around the teeth of the disposal. Fibrous item samples are carrots, corn husks, artichokes, onion skins, and asparagus. If you have to put them in the disposal, run cold water and only place smaller quantities into the disposal at a time.

Garbage Disposal Repair

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Starchy Foods: Starches can take in water, swell, and gradually harden into a paste-like substance. Your disposal’s action can be impeded by this hardened paste, which can over time create a clog in the plumbing. Potatoes, rice, beans, and pasta are all food items to never place down the disposal.

Grease and Oil: Grease and oil create significant issues for a garbage disposal. Not only can they cover the disposal blades and leave them less effective, but additionally will build up and obstruct your drain. Oil and grease that is trapped in the disposal and pipes will eventually begin to deteriorate and smell bad.

Egg Shells: The final items, egg shells, cause trouble thanks to unproven wives tales about their positive nature. Egg shells create detritus that gets stuck in your drain, and don’t strengthen the garbage disposal’s blades like generally thought. The disposal will render egg shells into a sandy substance that travels through your drainage system with difficulty. The shells will instead become lodged in the pipes, where they will form an obstruction eventually.

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