Accurate Gas Leak Detection

Do you worry that you could have a gas leak in your home? When you notice a sign that your home has a gas leak, it should be taken very seriously. Natural gas is both highly flammable and poisonous to people, so when you see the first sign of a leak, it’s imperative to call professionals. Call our technicians immediately at (707) 766-0807 if you are worried you have a gas leak. Perfect Plumbing Today is licensed to perform gas leak detection services in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA and find and repair your gas leak.

Dangers of Gas Leaks

Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery.

Installing Gas Leak Detection Devices In Your Home Can Warn You Of High Natural Gas Levels in the Air

Because of the danger that comes with natural gas, it’s important to be aware of the signs of a gas leak as well as what you should do if you suspect one around your home. The first step when you think you have a gas leak, is to leave the home with your family and pets promptly. The main way of being able to tell if they have a gas leak is from the rotten egg or sulfur smell that is released. The smell is added to the gas for safety measures since this gas is naturally odorless. Another key sign that you could have a gas leak is from the hissing sound coming from the pipe as the gas escapes. At the home’s exterior, you may see spots of dead greenery close to where your gas lines lie, or bubbles coming through puddles in the yard. If you notice these indicators, they should be addressed immediately. We do offer emergency plumbing repairs for situations like these, so feel free to call if you believe you have a gas leak. If it requires immediate medical attention, call the police first.

Gas Leak Detection and Prevention

Scheduled maintenance of your gas appliances will help prevent gas leaks in your home. Inspection that takes place during maintenance can help detect problems in your gas lines early, preventing leaks and the need for gas leak detection completely. Speak with our technicians immediately at (707) 766-0807 if you suspect a a gas leak. We can provide gas leak detection for your Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA home that’s quick and affordable, as well as emergency gas leak repair to ensure your family’s safety.