Affordable Sump Pump Backup Services

You rely on the performance of your sump pump to keep your basement dry and your belongings safe. A sump pump controls the water levels in your home, and is especially useful in preventing lower levels of your home like the cellar from flooding. But when your sump pump malfunctions, your basement is left defenseless against costly floods. Backup sump pumps are able to deliver protection against a broken sump pump to give unsurpassed protection to your home and belongings. The Perfect Plumbing Today plumbing team offer a multitude of backup sump pump options so will always find the best system for your home. Dial (707) 766-0807 to ask our plumbing team about your backup sump pump options in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA.

Backup Sump Pump Benefits

Repairing a Sump Pump in a Basement With a Red Led Light Illuminating the Pit and Pipe Work for Draining Ground Water.

A Backup Sump Pump Activates When Your Primary Sump Pump Fails

Backup sump pumps work well for times when your primary pump unexpectedly malfunctions. Backup sump pumps are extremely useful when the power goes out. Though your sump pump usually keeps water out of your basement, sometimes a backup sump pump will help. Most sump pumps work the most at times like heavy rainstorms. However, these are also key times for loss of power, rendering your sump pump unusable or only able to last for a short period of time. If your primary pump quits working because of a power loss, a backup sump pump will self-activate to keep your basement from flooding. As regular sump pumps are powered by electricity, when the power goes off, they are rendered useless. Backup sump pumps run by themselves and work like a generator. They activate whenever the original sump pump turns off. Backup sump pumps can be battery, water-powered, or generator-powered. they can also be installed as above-pump or in-pump, meaning that they are inside the water tanks.

Backup Sump Pump Options

No matter which type you select to use in your home, our experts will provide complete backup sump pump installation or repair services. We offer cost-effective options that meet your needs so you end up with the product you’re looking for. Call (707) 766-0807 to find out about your sump pump backup selection in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA or to schedule your installation.