Well Pump Repair & Installation

Your home’s well pump is an important piece of your well water delivery system. If your pump fails, it may lead to disastrous consequences like clogged water lines, leaks, and lack of water to your home. Our professionals can provide superior well pump repair or installation throughout Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA to ensure your home always has usable water. Find out more about all of our well pump services, along with our other plumbing services, when you call (707) 766-0807 to speak with one of our plumbing professionals.

Well Pump Basics

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Well Pumps Bring the Water Up For You and Eliminate all The Manual Labor

Your well pump siphons well water to be delivered to your home. Depending on your home’s well-depth, there are multiple options of well pump. Our experts can deliver in-depth information on all of your well pump options for your installation or replacement so you know you’re receiving the pump you’re looking for.

Shallow Pumps: These styles of pumps are for use at, and are not located directly in the well. These pumps work are best used with a well booster pump which maximizes well pressure, and overload protection that prevents the burnout of your pump’s motor.

Deep Well Pumps: Ideal for wells that are 90-300’ deep, these pumps are placed directly inside the well, itself. These pumps come in two basic types, the 3-wire or the 2-wire pump. 2-wire versions are much easier and less expensive to install, but 3-wire styles have an extra wire that allows the control panel to be placed at the top of the well for easier maintenance.

Convertible Pump Systems: Great for highly fluctuating water tables, these pumps also come in two models. 0-25’ well-depths are best pumped using a jet nozzle pump, while an ejector assembly pumping system is ideal for depths of 25-90’. Each style pumps your water by using natural pressure that creates a vacuum system.

Well Pump Repair Service

Whatever problem your pump is having, our professionals will diagnose and repair it fast to get your water flowing properly again. We provide realistic repair solutions that are cost-effective and dependable. No matter if you need a new installation or just minor repair for your well pump, we have you covered. Our professionals deliver exceptional workmanship along with unbeatable customer care so you know you’re receiving the best care in the business. Find out more about the Perfect Plumbing Today well pump installation or repair throughout the Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA area when you call (707) 766-0807 to speak with our experts.