Accurate Water Heater Inspection and Testing

It’s not very common for people to be excited at the idea of bathing in cold water. While not usually considered, your hot water heater is a crucial part to the function of your your home. Ensure it’s performing at its best all the time with professional water heater inspection and testing offered throughout the local area. Our experts deliver location of all of your water heater’s weaknesses for fast repair at an affordable cost. Call (707) 766-0807 when you need water heater inspection or testing around Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA that you can rely on.

Why do I Need Water Heater Inspection and Testing?

Electric Water Heater Inspection

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Even though hot water heaters are designed to be long-lasting and durable, they must have the right inspection and maintenance to reach its optimal lifespan and operation. Throughout the years, your water heater can suffer sediment build up, corrosion, or many other issues that may hinder its effectiveness. Identify and eliminate damages in your water heater by having a regular water heater inspection and test to identify weaknesses in your system. Sometimes a simple repair is all that is needed while other times, a full on replacement may be needed for a water heater. Water heaters only last around 10 years, so getting an inspection can tell you whether or not you need a new one or if your current one still has a few more years left of performance.

Comprehensive Service, Every Time

Our inspection and pressure testing services are accurate and comprehensive so you are easily able to plan your next steps. Our experts perform a full inspection on each part so you know that your system is performing optimally. To make sure you have the best water control available, we inspect and test your safety and supply valves along with drain and shut off valves. With our expert inspection of each system component, from the anode rod and heating element to your thermostat, you can rest assured that each component of your unit has been inspected. Our professionals provide evaluation for your secondary parts also, like timers, water filtration systems, and more. Damaged or aged water heaters can lead to issues with rusty or no hot water, increased water bills, and even major flood damage to your home. Make sure your water heater is always in optimal condition with comprehensive hot water heater inspection and testing offered in the Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA area by the Perfect Plumbing Today technicians. Call us today at (707) 766-0807.