Professional Carbon Filtration System Services

Your home’s water may be home to multiple particles that lead to bad tastes and odors along with health issues. Carbon water filtration is one method of eliminating hazardous particles from your water supply. As the most affordable and popular method of home water treatment systems, carbon water filter units are great at removing toxins like chemicals, allergens, dirt, and more! Dial (707) 766-0807 to speak with the Perfect Plumbing Today experts about the use of a carbon water filter in your Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA home.

How Does Carbon Filtration Work?

Plumber Equipment and Water Filter in the Sink

A Carbon Filter System Has Two Filter Layers To Separate the Toxins From Clean Water

No matter if your home operates on city or well water, impurities can seep into your water system through leaky pipes and may also be left over from previous treatments. Impurities including pesticides, chlorine, metals, and more are effectively removed with the use of a carbon water filter. Carbon water filter systems employ a double canister construction that allows your water to be separated through two different filters. The carbon water filter systems come in both whole house filtration and point of use filtration options, and can vary in size, strength, and longevity, according to your unique needs. If you are wanting to compare water treatment systems, call our office and one of our team members would be happy to explain the differences to you. Our technicians deliver the information you’re looking for to make the perfect filtration choice for your family.

Professional Installation, Optimal Filtration

If your home has had poor water quality, our technicians are here to help. Our experts perform a complete water quality test to find the impurities within your water and deliver accurate advice on your carbon filter options. We deliver expert installation that’s quick and reliable to get your water in better condition fast. The water your family uses is important. Ensure it’s always clean and great tasting by using a carbon water filter, offered in the Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA area by our water filtration specialists. The Perfect Plumbing Today technicians deliver installation as well as maintenance and repair services to ensure that your filtration system is always in tip-top shape. Call (707) 766-0807 to speak with our water filtration specialists to discover how you can begin enjoying better water.