Water Quality Counts

The water is used around your home for every task from laundry and cooking to bathing and drinking. But, if your home’s water quality is poor, you may experience bad tasting, smelling, or even unsafe to drink water. The Perfect Plumbing Today professionals are able to test your Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA home’s water quality and remove the contaminants in your system that can lead to problems. When you think you may have poor water quality in your home, call our experts at (707) 766-0807 to set up water test.

What Are You Drinking?

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Whether your house is supplied with well water or city water, your water supply may be full of hundreds of contaminants that can lead to a plethora of issues. Contaminants like chlorine can be left over from traditional water treatment and may contribute to faded clothes or bad tasting water. Bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants are picked up through pipe leaks and well seepage, causing bad smells and tastes, and could lead to health problems. Other problems, such as increased levels of calcium, could cause problems including hard water that pose no real health risk but cause frustrations like cloudy dishes and dry, itchy skin. Luckily, water filtration and purification systems can eliminate harmful particles and leave your water pure and great-tasting. It is important to have healthy drinking water, which is why Perfect Plumbing Today is proud to supply water quality testing and repairs for whatever may be causing your water quality issues, like a broken backflow valve or water acid neutralizer for wells. After we perform an inspection of your home’s water quality, we will recommend the best remedies. Sometimes the solutions are easy and affordable, like getting a water filter. Other times, you may have to fight for safer and better water if it is coming from your city.

Get the Quality of Your Water Tested Today!

You desire only the best for your family. Why not give them the cleanest water you can? We will discuss your report with you and deliver knowledgeable advice about your filtration and purification options such as system performance, costs, and durability, to ensure you receive the best water quality treatment system for your needs. Contact our team today at (707) 766-0807 if you suspect water quality deficiencies in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA for a comprehensive water quality test completed by the Perfect Plumbing Today team.