Water Acid Neutralizers

When your home relies on well water, photosynthesis and other natural processes may leave your water with a low pH level. High acid levels in your well water can lead to issues like stains, bad tastes, and even corroded pipes. Prevent acidic water problems in your system when you install a water acid neutralizer to neutralize your water’s acid. Call the Perfect Plumbing Today experts today at (707) 766-0807 to discuss all of your water acid neutralizer options in the Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA area.

Multiple Water Acid Neutralizer Options to Choose From

As your water travels through soil and organic matter, it picks up elements and impurities that contribute to pH imbalance. Corroded pipes, bad tastes, and even stained clothing and fixtures are just some of the problems that can be caused from low pH in your water. Luckily, water acid neutralizers are able to be used to provide pH balanced water that is free of alkaline and sour tastes. These systems come in two styles, calcite and proportional, both of which can eliminate the elements that lead to low pH in your water.

Calcite Water Acid Neutralizers

Hard Water Limescale Buildup

Water Acid Neutralizer Systems Remove Toxins, Chemicals, and Minerals in Well Water That Leave Water and Soap Scum Stains

This is the most commonly used system and uses calcium carbonate to restore pH balance to your home’s water. Though these types are extremely affordable acid neutralization systems, they need backwash services to be completed regularly to keep buildup and debris from harming your system. Since calcite water neutralizers require the use of calcium, they may contribute to hard water issues and require the addition of a water softener.

Proportional Water Neutralizer Options

While these sorts of systems are more expensive than calcite styles, they deliver superior pH balance by using injectors and ash in lieu of of calcium, which can contribute to hard water. Though these systems need no backwashing, they do require an injector and sensors to deliver an ash neutralizer mixture, so there are many parts to maintain.

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There’s no need to live with water that’s too acidic in your home. We will deliver the knowledge and expertise you need to receive pH balanced water in your home. Call the Perfect Plumbing Today technicians today at (707) 766-0807 to learn more about the water acid neutralizers that will be ideal in your Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA home.