Home Water Purification Systems

No matter if your home operates off of well water or municipal water, it could be housing harmful contaminants, even after municipal water treatment. Receive thorough removal of toxins, bacteria, and even viruses by using a home water purification system. Purification systems come in both point of entry and point of use models so you get just the product you’re expecting. When you don’t know which of the home purification systems will provide the best advantages for your Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA home, call our technicians for guidance at (707) 766-0807.

What’s Lurking in Your Water?

Purified Water

Water Purification Systems Remove Toxins and Chemicals From Water

Even after municipal water treatment, your water supply could contain harmful particles like pesticides, metals, and even toxins like arsenic. Contaminants that get in through worn pipes and ground seepage can potentially cause issues such as digestion and breathing problems, or irritate your bladder and skin. Additionally, your water may have toxins, viruses, and bacteria that could make you sick. A water quality evaluation is able to provide details on the contaminant type and saturation level within your water. By having purified water in your home, everybody benefits from drinking it, including your pets. Our plumbers can help you decide which water purification system will be best for your home when you call us at our office phone.

Water Filtration vs. Water Purification Systems

Water filtration is great for removing contaminants like metal, chemicals, and toxins, but only a water purification system can eliminate viruses and bacteria from your water. Filtration systems use a filter or variation of filters to separate large particles from your water, making it cleaner and better tasting. Home water purification systems, however, use a series of reactions, membranes and filters to provide water that’s free from even the tiniest particles. Reverse osmosis uses a semipermeable membrane together with multiple carbon filters to fully eliminate all particles from your water. Ozonation attracts and removes all foreign particles by adding an oxygen molecule to create a form of ozone. Make sure your home’s water is as pure as it can be by using one of our home water purification systems. Find out more about the home water purification systems offered around the Petaluma and Santa Rosa, CA area by calling (707) 766-0807.